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One of the first things I do when I have a pre- session phone consultation with a perspective client is talk about location ideas and their vision for their session.

If I’m being honest, a vast majority of my clients have no idea what they have in mind for the vision of how they want their session to look.

I’m here to say, that location is priority in the look and feel of your session. Even more important than location is the light. Often times, people that do not have knowledge of photography think that the background is the most important element, but even with a stunning background, if the light is not optimal then the portraits will not turn out as envisioned. The light is so very important to the final product in photos and can honestly make or break the picture.

There are some locations that you have more shade so you must shoot earlier in the day, and others, like open fields, where they light is simply too harsh until close to sunset.

For all my clients that ask for location ideas I have put together a list of my most favorite locations and a short description of when they work best.

Location Option 1- A nature area with overgrown fields, a creek, brick wall, and golden light in the Fort Worth area.

This location is ideal all year long, but is an especially perfect location during summer when most things have died. The texture of the overgrown grass actually lends itself to much prettier photos than dead short grass in the summer months. The option of having a creek and a brick wall also make for lovely photos. It photographs well a year long and is really one of my favorites. I normally shoot at this location an hour before sunset. Photos from all season are listed below.

Fort Worth Portrait Photographer
Fort Worth Child Photographer
Fort Worth Child Photographer
Fort Worth Portrait Photographer
Dallas Fort Worth Photographer
Fort Worth Photographer

Location 2- A nature area with a manicured lawn, bridge, and a tree line with golden light in the Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville area.

This location is another one of my favorites. It provides plenty of shade so it allows for an earlier start time for portraits. I typically shoot at this location 2-2 1/2 prior to sunset. The bridge is very shaded so it will only work on a sunny day or there is light enough available light. It has a manicured lawn, trails, a pretty wooden bridge and lovely light. Photos of all seasons listed below.

Southlake Portrait Photographer
Colleyville photographer
Grapevine Child Portrait Photographer
Dallas Fort Worth Children’s Photographer
Fort Worth Family Photographer
Colleyville Portrait Photographer
Southlake Baby Photographer
Grapevine Colleyville Southlake Child Photographer
Dallas Fort Worth Child Portrait Photographer

Location Option 3- Fort Worth Botanic Garden (Location requires $75 permit fee and entrance of $12 per person)

The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens is a lovely manicured garden near Downtown Fort Worth. There are stone stairs, a gazebo, a archway with hanging vines, and certain times of year a rose garden. Due to Fort Worth Botanic Garden hours changing, this location only works at 9:00 am during daylight savings time in spring and fall and at 4:00 pm when on standard time during spring, fall, and winter. The light is too bright during summer with the 9-5 hours. While a very pretty location, it does not typically have the golden light of some of the other locations due to tree lines and buildings filtering much of the light. It will work anytime of year outside of summer, although some of the locations listed above are my preference during the fall.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden Photographer
Fort Worth Botanic Garden Family Photographer
Fort Worth Botanic Garden Child Photographer
Fort Worth Family Portraits
DFW Family Photographer
Fort Worth Fine Art Photographer

Location Option 4- The Fort Worth Stockyards

The Fort Worth Stockyards are such a fun and versatile location! They have Stockyard Station which is a neat old building with a Texas flare. It’s perfect to take photos inside and outside by the stables. Across from Stockyard Station is a cacti field that has gorgeous evening light. If we are doing both locations in the Stockyards, I recommend around 1.5 hours prior to sunset.

Fort Worth Stockyard Photographer
Fort Worth Stockyards Family Photographer
Fort Worth Stockyards Photographer
Fort Worth Photographer

Location Option 5- The Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth

The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth provides a sleek and modern, yet elegant, option for family or senior pictures. There are stone archways, pools of water, trees, and many concrete and stone walls. It compliments formal attire such as dresses and suits. If you home has a more modern feel, portraits hanging on the walls with the Kimbell as a backdrop would be the perfect artistic compliment. This location works well about an hour to hour and a half prior to sunset.

Dallas Fort Worth Family Photographer Kimbell Art Museum
Fort Worth Child Photographer Kimbell Art Museum
Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth Photographer
Family Pictures at the Fort Worth Kimbell Museum
Dallas Fort Worth Photographer Kimbell Art Museum Portraits
Fort Worth Child Photographer

Location Option 6 - The Mandalay Canals at Las Colinas ($50 Travel Fee)

The Mandalay Canals at Las Colinas have a unique European feel. They are nestled between office buildings and restaurants beneath ground level in the heart of Irving off 114. They lend timeless elegance with the European inspired architecture, archways covered in ivy (during spring and summer), winding canals, and a grand staircase. I typically find the canals best for single subjects like seniors, families with older children, or milestone sessions for teens. Because they are under ground level and have lots of buildings, I typically shoot there two hours prior to sunset. Due to the distance from my home a $50 travel fee applies.

Fort Worth Senior Photographer
Dallas Senior Photographer
DFW Senior Photographer
Fort Worth Family Photographer
Canals at Las Colinas Portrait Session Dallas
Dallas Child Photographer
Fort Worth Child Photographer

Location Option 7- The Dallas Arboretum ($50 Travel Fee)

The Dallas Arboretum is a magical place with acres of green lawn, trees, flowers, and a tree tunnel. It is a wonderful location for both family, child, and senior pictures. During the month of March it hosts tulips and during the fall it is home to Autumn at the Arboretum. Due to the gardens only being open 9-5, the light will only work certain times of year. During the time of year when we are in daylight savings time I only shoot there at 9 am on Sundays, and after daylight savings time has ended, I shoot at 4 pm. I do not recommend it as a location during summer due to the early sunrise and late sunset and harsh light between the hours of 9-5. Due to the distance a travel fee applies.

Dallas Arboretum Family Photographer
Dallas Arboretum Family Photographer
Dallas Arboretum Family Photographer
Dallas Arboretum Children’s Photographer
Dallas Arboretum Kids Pictures
Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Patch Photographer
Dallas Arboretum Dallas Blooms Photographer
Dallas Arboretum Child Photographer

Location Option 8- Highland Park Village and Davis Park ($50 travel fee)

This location in Highland Park is seriously gorgeous. It has greenery almost all times of year due to the ivy covered ground. There is a grand old draw bridge, a large winding staircase, golden light, and ivy lined paths. It is right down the street from Highland Park Village which hosts a colorful staircase, ivy wall, and a high end shopping village. It is a favorite location of mine for Dallas senior sessions and family sessions. This location works well all times of year, and due to heavy shade I shoot there approximately two hours prior to sunset on weekend evenings. Due to distance a travel fee applies.

Dallas Senior Photographer
Highland Park Dallas Senior Photographer
DFW Senior Photographer
Highland Park Dallas Photographer
Highland Park Village Dallas Family Photographer
Dallas Senior Photographer

Location Option 9- Historic Downtown Grapevine

Historic Main Street in Downtown Grapevine is perfect for senior sessions or for sessions with older children. It hosts a historic log cabin, charming brick alleyways, a fountain, an old theater, and small town downtown architecture. Due to the buildings, I normally shoot here about an hour and a half prior to sunset, or earlier on a cloudy day. Because of narrow streets and lots of traffic I do not recommend this location for families with small children.

Grapevine Child Photographer
Grapevine Senior Photographer
Southlake Senior Photographer
Grapevine Colleyville Southlake Senior Photographer
DFW Senior Photographer
Fort Worth Senior Photographer
Southlake Carroll Senior Photographer
Downtown Grapevine Senior Portrait Session