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Fort Worth Child Photographer - Birthday Princess Session

I love all things feminine and girly, so photographing this princess session was so much fun for me! I think milestone photos are so important to document. I have always made it a point to take pictures of each of my girls during the time of their Birthdays each year. They change so much with every passing year, so it’s always a treasure to look back and see what they looked like and what they loved at each point in their lives.

My youngest, Charlotte, is obsessed with all the Disney princesses. She asked for a Rapunzel dress and Rapunzel themed Birthday party for her 4th Birthday, so I had to oblige!

We got dressed for the Rapunzel princess session and headed out for the photo shoot. It was July, so it was hot, but we still managed to get some darling shots that really capture her personality.

We began with taking pictures at this park in Fort Worth then headed to Irving to the Mandalay Canals in Las Colinas.

I wanted Birthday photos of her in both a nature and urban location, so we did two separate shoots to get them!

Below are some of my favorites from our sessions. I had so many I loved, I couldn’t decide, and have quite a few hanging in my home. I absolutely love capturing all the magical moments of childhood. Milestone sessions are some of my favorites! Click here to see another milestone session.

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