Dallas Fort Worth Senior Family Photographer | What to Wear for Your Family or Senior Portrait Session | Client Wardrobe Options Offered

Grapevine Colleyville Southlake Family and Senior Photographer- Tips on Wardrobe Selection and What to Avoid

As a Dallas Fort Worth portrait photographer, I often get asked what to wear for your upcoming senior or family photo session.

Aside from having a great location (click here to see location options for family and senior portraits around Dallas Fort Worth) and beautiful light , the second most important factor in how your photo session will turn out is wardrobe and styling.

Since I photograph both high school seniors and families, I wanted to offer some tips on choosing clothing that will help lend itself to stunning senior or family portraits that you can display for many years to come.

I also have posted some photos below of client wardrobe options I offer for little girls if you happen to have a little girl ages two to eight.

Let’s start with some of the basics.

Hair and Makeup

Please make sure your hair is styled (flat ironed or curled or swept up in a flattering style). Please make sure your roots are dyed if you color or highlight your hair and your nails are not chipping. In up close shots you will see your nails, so if you wear polish please make sure your manicure is fresh.

For portraits of women, wearing at least a moderate amount of makeup photographs best. Even if you do not always wear full makeup in daily life, you will find that your face will have more dimension and your eyes and and features will be more stunning if you have full makeup (full makeup does not have to be heavy makeup) for your photos. I do have a makeup artist I work with and recommend for high school seniors or any women that would like professional makeup and/or hair.


Please make sure that children have a clean face. I always try to make sure moms use a baby wipe right before photos to remove any food, drool, or fluid from runny noses. Make sure your children have clean hands, as little ones often like to grab snacks or dirt can accumulate under their nails.

Clothing to Avoid

Please avoid anything neon in color or large bold prints. Neon does not photograph well and often creates unflattering color casts on your skin. Bold prints can sometimes lend themselves to attractive photographs when on a skirt or paired with the right coordinating outfits, but often times they look too busy in portraits if not put together by someone skilled in coordinating outfit selections.

Avoid large logos on shirts, wrinkled clothing, ball caps, anything with holes, and tennis shoes.

Nice jeans look great in portraits, but I do not recommend an entire family or group wearing jeans. I always recommend breaking up jeans with some members wearing solid colored pants or skirts so you don’t have multiple people overpowering the photograph with denim legs.

Clothing that Photographs Well

I always tell families or groups to all coordinate but not match exactly. The look of the 90’s of all white shirts and khaki pants or jeans is dated. You want to have texture and movement in your photos. This might mean in the spring a family wears complimentary shades of pastels such as pink, light blue, teal, and cream and in the fall jewel tones such as mustard, navy blue, plum, and cranberry.

Layers look great in photos, as well as fabrics that have texture such as lace and chiffon.

Choose Outfits that are Flattering

Typically fitted, but not tight, outfits photograph best. For women, you want a waist line so long skirts with a fitted shirt, nice slacks/jeans and a fitted shirt, or a tailored dress photograph best. Often flowing loose garments without a distinct bodice and waist line tend to make everyone appear heavier in photographs, no matter their size.

Many women are self conscious about their arms, so if you fall in that category, I recommend wearing short, 3/4, or long sleeves in your photographs.

Men look great in button down collared shirts, suits and sport coats, well fitting polo shirts, and nice slacks or jeans.

You want to wear something you feel confident in that accentuates your best features and minimizes the ones you are more self conscious about.

Think About the Decor in Your Home

Our goal is for you to have portraits that you can hang on your walls for many years to come. I always tell clients to think about the decor in their home when selecting outfit and location choices. You want colors that will compliment your walls and go seamlessly with your decor.

Places to Shop for Clothing

For girls- Dollcake, Trish Scully, Joyfolie, Bailey’s Blossoms, Mr Pretty Skirt and Janie and Jack.

For women, men, and boys- Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Dillards, Gap, and Amazon.

Examples of Client Wardrobes that Photographed Beautifully

Below I am posting images of past client sessions that photographed very well to give you ideas for your upcoming session. If you scroll past these images to the next section you will see client closet options I have for little girls or women.

Grapevine Texas Photographer
Dallas Family Photographer Dallas Arboretum
Grapevine Photographer
Dallas Fort Worth Portrait Photographer
Fall Family Portraits Colleyville Texas
Fort Worth Family Photographer
DFW Family Photographer Dallas Arboretum Session
Fort Worth Botanic Garden Photographer
Extended Family Portraits Fort Worth
Dallas Family Photographer
DFW Family Photographer
Grapevine Texas Senior Portraits
Fort Worth Senior Photographer
DFW Senior Photographer
Southlake Senior Photographer

Client Closet Selection

This first photograph is of me and my husband (photo credit Everlasting Impressions by Demishe). My dress is available for clients to use and is a women’s size 2.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden Photographer Formal Dress

This is another family photograph (photo credit Sandy C Photography) and my skirt and my girls’ dresses are available for clients to use as well. My skirt is an elastic waist and fits sizes zero through 12 (you can order various colors of this skirt from Amazon (please note that the size is for the length and my skirt pictured is a size XL). Click here for link to various colors. My girls’ dresses have elastic backs and fit sizes 2 through 8/9.

Fort Worth Family Photographer What to Wear for Portrait Session

All Dollcake dresses pictured below fit sizes 2 through 8/9 (elastic backs).

Fort Worth Children’s Photographer
Fort Worth Family Photographer Princess Session
Dallas Children’s Photographer
Southlake Photographers
Texas Tulips Child Portrait

Cream colored Trish Scully dresses pictured below fit sizes 2-4.

Grapevine Photographer
Colleyville Photographer
Grapevine Family Photographer

Trish Scully dress below fits sizes 6-7.

Grapevine Texas Photographer
Princess Sessions DFW Texas

Crochet boutique dress below fits sizes 4-6.

Fort Worth Photographers

Blue dresses below- Larger dress fits 7/8 and smaller one sizes 3/4.

Family Portrait Photographers Fort Worth
DFW Family Photographer