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I absolutely love Autumn and all the gorgeous colors it brings! The crisp air and hints of golden hues make for the perfect backdrop for family pictures. The light softens and possesses this warm glow that is almost magical, making for gorgeous fall family portraits.

I had the pleasure of photographing many families for their fall family pictures in Colleyville last year. I photograph many families in the Grapevine Southlake Colleyville area, and the Colleyville Nature Center is one of my most requested locations. You can see why with the magnificent trees, golden light, manicured lawns, wooden bridge, and hidden paths winding around nature trails.

When families arrive for their photo session I always make sure to ask mom and dad if there are any specific combinations of portraits they want. We normally begin by capturing the whole family together in a couple of poses, then the children as a group with their siblings, each child individually, the children with mom, the children with dad, and lastly mom and dad together.

Since the Nature Center is very shaded, I normally start shooting here a little bit earlier than other locations. If it’s a full hour long session, we will typically begin on the wooden bridge or trails where the light dissipates the most quickly due to heavy shade. After we have taken portraits back on the trails and bridge, we then move to the lawn which is graced with a tree line that sparkles in the golden light each evening.

As you can see from all the lovely families pictured below, the Colleyville Nature Center is the perfect backdrop for many wardrobe choices, from nice jeans with button down shirts or blouses, to more formal attire such as suits and cocktail dresses.

It was such a joy and pleasure to be chosen to capture all these families’ memories for their fall family pictures in Colleyville. I met so many wonderful and beautiful families, and I hope they treasure their images for many years to come.

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Please contact me here to schedule your own family or child’s portraits at the Nature Center or any of the other locations I shoot at in Dallas Fort Worth. Meeting new families is my favorite part of this job!

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